The first of our new models, the Tavernier 17 hull is designed to be a base platform to allow the customer to build a versatile, stable and dry skiff to suit their needs.  The standard deck has a recessed front deck with dry storage hatch.


Just a simple tiller setup......


Raised bow with lower chine and upper spray rail works to keep you dry in a variety of wave and wind conditions.


Recessed front deck and dry storage hatch.  Large cockpit too!


We're doing a new center console specifically to fit the T17 cockpit size. 


Plenty of room for electronics and accessories, in our demo we've mounted a 2 drawer tackle station on the front and still have room for flush mounted GPS/Sonar on the helm side.  Leaning post is tall enough for a 45 qt premium cooler and still open the lid and easily get out a cold beverage without having to slide the cooler out. 

As always over the years, you get build out a skiff the way you want.  Pay for want you want on your skiff and don't pay for stuff you don't want.  We think of this as a very versatile blank canvas.  Call us with your ideas!

Hope you like the direction we're taking with our new skiff.  Give us a call at our Salt Marsh sales phone at 772.801.3052.  Thanks!